Payment Safety Is a Must | Best Anti-fraud Solutions for Your Transactions

10.24.2022 3 min. reading

Utmost Payment Security with BetterBro Anti-Fraud

The importance of fraud prevention in finance and payments, as well as in other areas of everyday life, can hardly be overestimated. That is why BetterBro uses both individual measures and complex approaches to ensure client safety and make your payment experience flawless. For this purpose, the most advanced technologies and anti-fraud systems are applied.

Fraud Prevention: 5 Steps to Secure Payments

To provide a solid protection against unwanted actions, a whole set of anti-fraud tools, including special software with smart scoring is used. It operates as follows:

  1. Fraud monitoring system gathers data;
  2. Next, it analyzes a user’s history, behavior, and other details based on the risk score set;
  3. Then, the fraud detection module blocks suspicious transactions;
  4. After that, the system identifies if the operation is fraudulent or not;
  5. Finally, it determines whether to allow this particular transaction.

Anti-fraud Advantages for Clients

The anti-fraud system at BetterBro offers customers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Stable profitability
  • Increasing loyalty;
  • A positive effect on income, as a result.

Thus, by taking advantage of the anti-fraud capabilities available here, clients can enjoy secure and fast transactions for both personal and business purposes.